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A human Iorm entrapped within its Type 1 Diabetes (Greek word for Divider) bearing DNA. A Wing is leading the DNA Spiral. The whole complex is attached to a glass column.

Sotiriadis Brothers project the human with a bronze Cycladic figure of primitive Greek Art, without characteristics as the disease affects with no discrimination.

Application of a Divider (Diabetes) is symbolic for the disease affecting the stainless steel DNA Spiral, that nevertheless hopes symbolically through the Wing at the end of it. Tills hope is represented by theJ.D.R.F. research & support.

The Glass column displays the fragility of the disease against the continuous efforts of j.D.R.F. and it" Supporters that will fmally break it and unbind the Humans from Juvenile Diabetes.

WhenNikolasMetDonna "TYPE I ENTRAPPED"


WhenNikolasMetDonna TYPE I ENTRAPPED 60 x 40 x 15 cm - glass, stainless steel, bronze
WhenNikolasMetDonna TYPE I ENTRAPPED 60 x 40 x 15 cm - glass, stainless steel, bronze


They remain still
-they do not travel.
With their sails fold, their leaking keels
and anchors grated to rusty crumbs
-counterfeit the sailing and the dream artificial inside the vain.
They remain still.
In rooms withered already,
whose shade approaches the shade of death,
rooms that everyday roll about lower and lower
cancelling the youth of their residents
with a worn out rubber.
They remain still.
Their eyes forgot the light
their lips forgot the holly water of love,
they forget something new with every day that passes.

when the wind blows eastern
full of traces of acacia and citron,
they can remember their names,
they look around for some heliotrope
leaning towards them,
then they sink again,
swimming in their still waters
making circles and circles and circles
their propeller longs to unblock
-and it can be, but they can’t feel it,
not before
somebody’s mouth flying
comes and sings inside their ear.

-Anna Sotiriadi

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