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25th September 1.993 Lake Of Agios Nikolaos, Crete


25th September 1.993 Lake Of Agios Nikolaos, Crete

Requiem Of a Tree

Farewell I shall whisper to the sun
it will be no longer dressing me in the morning,
to the skies which will not be covering me in the night any more,
the air has flied away
and the water is forever silenced.

Nobody ever wear my vestment,
when I wore it no one took a pride in me;
nobody ever long for my works,
poor compensation it will be,
when I am here no longer.

Go on and live, enjoy with what you played before,
those beautiful , hollow toys of yours
do blow in the balloon of your lives
thin air, your eternal dowry,
until it, as well, bursts.

Keep nothing of me
- I even wish to erase
my face from your memory,
because I know you too well:
a while before the end,
just like the diamond ,wound up nightingale of the Emperor,
you will elaborate me also,
thinking you got me back
and so you will continue living your days
until, too late, you feel
the emptiness that lays inside the beautiful wrappings.
I shall now vanish into smoke high up to the sky,
a tower of darkness, of the approaching famine
and you, holding a blasphemous lyre in your undeserving hands,
staring at me from Nero’s balcony ,
play mourning paeans on my loss:
although unaware , you lament your own destruction
that I can hear nearing with wide footsteps ...

-Anna Sotiriadi

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