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Especially in the foundry using the traditional method of printing in the soil, using the lost wax method of printing with Kronik. For the latter method have productive machine printing.

nikos sotiriades

Our workshop is fully organized as it comes to hammer and anvil. These two very ancient tools provide us with the ability to produce sculptures by forging a thin, flat metal sheet, a technique we have been taught by our father, Haralambos Sotiriades. This technique, by which the real forged metallic sculptures are born, demands a lot of labor, physical strength, knowledge, experience, but mainly, patience because the minimum impact achieved by a strike, must be multiplied as a geometrical progress with others, correctly stroke, in order to reach the desirable final result.

Besides the traditional tools, our workshop is equipped with all the modern machines for the elaboration of various materials, as well as a smelter for bronze, copper and aluminum.

We elaborate materials such as metals, wood, glass, polyester, stone,


marble, concrete etc, and we also build the mechanisms where demanded, such as electric, electronic circuits, mechanical, gas networks etc.

This way, we have the ability to create our works, but also, objects of general use, such as furniture and special constructions, according the taste and the place of the one who orders them, as well as the ability of a fully flexible budget, because we are the ones who design, chose the materials, the method of construction and the most appropriate combination of all the ones mentioned above, for the sake of the best final result.

The hours spent inside our workshop fill the biggest part of our days, so without any exaggeration, we are able to say that our workshop is our life.

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strom Nikos Sotiriades
GSM: +30 69 44 41 33 73

Work Shop Address
Ikarou 2 & Em. Pothou str.
Agios Nikolaos, Crete, Greece, EU, 721 00
tel.: +30 2841 028664; fax: +30 2841 025616

GPS: 35.18689, 25.71327

Mo, Th, Sa: 09:00 - 15:00
Tu, We, Fr: 09:00 - 15:00 / 17:00 - 21:00
Su: Closed
Personal Contacts
strom Pandelis Sotiriades
GSM: +30 69 77 29 07 04

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