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Question Question model


Truths of numbers and smells of jeopardies awake me
the ultramundane blossom of sorrow is unfold
what if I build around me a wall of great blue,
of Tritons’ voices and shimmering salt,
I cannot silence the birds wounding the day
with their wings sharp and their slaughtered chirpings.
Until the day before, the window glass talked to me buzzing softly
and seductive dust of dreams sprinkled all over me
and the clouds drove away for a while.
Outside my window glass now wide open beaks and lamentations
that throw a shadow to the thorn wreathed sun
and deep inside their eyes’ black core
gleaming oil candle the famine.
They do not beg for bread, they ask for our glance
and let our eyes not turn around
and let us not watch motionless
and let the people close the window glasses
and open the doors...

-Anna Sotiriadi

Question Question model

Question Mark

When your ancestors have experienced being a refugee, it’s only natural that you have been brought up with narrations and stories about their lost homeland, their good neighbors, the beautiful places, but also, the different culture and customs, diet, celebrations and music.

A “transplantation” in your new homeland creates the justified question “why?” Even more, when this incident becomes timely again nowadays, with different people and causes, we cannot remain untouched and not be motivated to create o work of art describing this reality.

Inspired by the question “why?” but also by the question mark in the Greek language (;) that by itself is an expressed question, we created the figure of a refugee-emigrant who through the body language transmits a “why?” Round head, a full stop (.) and curved body, a coma (,) but when put together, form a big question mark…

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