Nikos & Pandelis Sotiriades


December 1.997- January 1.998


December 1.997- January 1.998 Archeological Museum Of Agios Nikolaos, Crete
14th Ephorate of Byzantine and Prehistoric Antiquities and Greek Ministry of Culture

Modern materials and forms, giving a fresh look to the popular archetypes: masks and figurines, so old yet so new, walking onto the ancient trails with a brand new pair of shoes...

Forged iron ,stainless steel and glass: the old tradition reborn by the hands of Nikos and Pandelis Sotiriadis . In a small archeological site of Aghios Nikolaos territory , three little figurines were found: they were named «the Apollonian Trinity», made of forged iron and chronologically, the very first samples of metallurgy.

So the tradition goes on: inspiration sourcing from the Immortals, springing through the mortals who wish to give immortality to the works of their hands.

Ode to Metal

You ,Child of the Earth, coming from her bowels, still carrying the smell of her womb, -soil, sulphur and coal-, you ,that were brought up with lullabies from the whispers of the crystals, with fairy tails from the underground volcanoes and rivers and pampering touches from the roots of aged trees, how much you ‘ve longed for the day that the sun will be blinded by his face reflecting on your flesh! Then you met the coarse hands of Man -inside his kiln, his vision molded you - and he leaned you onto his desire, kneaded you with the sweat of his love and while your pain echoed around, every single beat of his taught you that, without pain, Transformation is not condescending to come to you... And now Metal, you, celestial voice that sounds in the darkness of our hearts, listen to your song that chant the silver fish ,standing still and silent not to wake the Night up, when content she sleeps around your feet and her black lap is getting full of shooting stars. Then ,when Day arises, with one stroke of the pen the sea-gulls write it onto a virgin horizon, holding your image deep inside the shine of their eye...

-Anna Sotiriadi

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