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In the port of Aghios Nikolaos once, a dolphin aimed to a fisherman and pleaded for his help, her baby dolphin was chocking because of a plastic bag which had blocked the baby’s throat. The fisherman removed the plastic bag, saving the baby dolphin’s life and it returned to the opened sea with its’ mother, after they both thanked the fisherman with a vivid and happy dance around his boat.

Gorgona Gorgona model

The model depicts a dolphin inside a glass mass, next to a mermaid who lays her arm towards the dolphin.

Every place is in need of local myths. And especially nowadays, with the crisis in tourism evolving, this need is so intense, that we could easily say, paraphrasing Nitchze, that if a place doesn’t have a myth, it must create one. And in case it has such a myth, like Aghios Nikolaos does, it must give it a rise, before it is immersed and lost in the haze of ordinary.

This extraordinary event, the rescue of a baby dolphin by a fisherman, something unbelievable but very true, beyond it’s obvious statements about ecology, should remain alive in our memory and in our lips, just like the myths from the past, always new and timely.

The mermaid that seems to give her hand to the dolphin, as if she tries to get it out of the water, is the mythic person- symbol who, with the allure of her history, takes the event out of its’ mortal reality and she gives it a bit of the immortal nature of her myth. This is the reason why the event, although real, is depicted in this work of art as a myth; because it’s turning to a tale passing from mouth to mouth, will give it the resistance throughout time that is called eternity.

Gorgona Gorgona model
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